DUSTY CLOAK by Nancy Hartwell


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Going back to the light romantic vein of her Shoestring Theatre, Nancy Hartwell writes of New York's drama world and follows Candy Bowen's path to first success. Candy, 18, has left home in California, and come to live with Fran Hoxworth who has an apartment in Greenwich Village and acts too. Insecure yet able to dish it out when the occasion arises, Nancy divides her time between the theatre and young men. One of them is Toby, a congenial young actor who lives down the hall. Another is Lance, a brash young producer's assistant Candy manages to knock off his high horse. Still another is Chris, Fran's beau whom Candy re-lights as an old flame, temporarily. At last there is Larry, a researcher whose love and interest will allow Candy her career, and together they see Fran off to a good start in an out of town opening. Lively, even if the male population crowds out the stage at times.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1955
Publisher: Henry Holt