SUSAN ERRANT by Nancy Hoyt


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Here's the post-Reno-what problem, amplified through the usually chic pen of Nancy Hoyt, but not quite coming off with her customary eclat. The young divorcee finds the boy friend has strayed from the leash, the brother and sister-in-law lacking in attention, New York a bit down at heel, and funds annoyingly low. So she makes for Paris, finds all is not gold that glitters, reluctantly accepts a yachting invitation in the Mediterranean, feeds the fringe of her imagination with a glimpse of a youth who isn't quite like the rest, escapes the yacht with an old friend (and presumably ex-lover) and goes off to Spain and North Africa, where her idyll is rudely interrupted by said-friend's wife, sets off for home, and finds romance through the mysterious stranger and an opportune attack of pneumonia on shipboard. Light reading and should be easy rentals.

Pub Date: Feb. 16th, 1934
Publisher: Bobbs, Merrill