WHITE THUNDER by Nancy J. Scharmach


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Soft strains of the ""Indian Love Call"" would fit well into the background for this love/horse story which definitely proves, if nothing else, that pure corn was an Indian staple. Wahkeena, the image of the beautiful Indian maiden, is wooed by two young braves as the tribe is escaping into Can-a-da. Red Hawk she loves in return, Little Coyote she despises. When Wahkeena easily tames White Thunder (a wild white stallion Little Coyote could not catch) and gives it to Red Hawk, Little Coyote seeks revenge on the happy threesome. After a hunting trip he claims that the horse had killed Red Hawk, and Wahkeena is left distraught mainly because she fears that White Thunder will be destroyed. Red Hawk, wounded but alive, reappears as the tribe prepares to meet the white soldiers in battle. Wahkeena and White Thunder rescue him from the battlefield, where the reunited lovers watch as the stallion helps stamp out Little Coyote. In the end the pair literally rides off in to the sun--out of the never-never land of classic adolescent melodrama.

Pub Date: Feb. 1st, 1966
Publisher: Chilton