GOLDEN FEATHERS by Nancy & Jean Francis Webb


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The story of Umi who ruled in Hawaii after his father King Liloa's death in the 1500's has its own strongly dramatic elements and the fictionalization here gives a good account of them. From the records, it is known that Umi lived with his mother in a small village on the island of Hawaii- some distance from the royal court at Waipio- and had no idea of his heritage until he was sixteen. In the story, it becomes imperative for him to announce himself to Liloa when one of his jealous queens, Leiolaka, sends men to kill Umi so that her son Hakau's access to the throne will be secure. When Umi's mother tells him of her romance years ago with Liloa and the reasons she was not brought to court, Umi must go himself, face the danger of being killed on entrance and make Liloa realize who he is before a blow can be struck. But with the mission successful, there is still the aftermath- of Liloa's death and Hakau's further plots to get rid of Umi entirely, before the tables are turned by a trick and Umi becomes one of the best of the Islands' kings. Unusual historical fiction.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1954
Publisher: Bouregy & Curl