BUS RIDE by Nancy Jewell


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Janie's journey to grandfather's house is made, like so many these days, by the night bus; and this, we learn comfortingly, is what it might be like--from the ""big hole in the side"" for suitcases to the tiny bathroom at the back. Also like most children traveling alone, Janie has a solicitous neighbor, (exceptionally) tactful Mrs. Rivers, who persuades her to share an orange as they leave the city (""When I 0eat a whole orange, I always get gas""), introduces her--by example--to the marvel of reclining seats, and wakes her in time to get ready for Grandpa. The black-and-white pen and wash illustrations, however weak as drawings, are not unsuitably murky, and without applied atmospherics the shut-in, shut-out feeling peculiar to the experience is effectively conveyed.

Pub Date: March 1st, 1978
Publisher: Harper & Row