CHEER UP, PIG! by Nancy Jewell


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Though he tries unsuccessfully to talk himself into a nice pleasant dream (""Think of floating, Pig. You are a feather""), Pig wallows in his loneliness until the sight of a mother robin teaching her youngsters to fly jolts him out of his self pity. Soon Pig finds that, even without company, life can be sweet--""Food, you don't taste half bad,"" ""Mud, now you are beginning to feel nice and muddy."" There's no chance of anyone missing the lesson here; later Duck shows up to ask ""How can you have fun all by yourself?."" and the two share a good joke before going their separate ways again. But though Jewell always seems to be nudging kids to do something--whether it's go to bed as in Calf, Goodnight (KR, 1973) or play quietly by themselves as here--Shecter's subdued, good-natured indulgence and Pig's appreciation of his creature comforts are easy to warm up to.

Pub Date: April 16th, 1975
Page count: 32pp
Publisher: Harper & Row