HILLVIEW HOUSE by Nancy Paschal


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Seventeen-year-old Cary's summer job-- private secretary to a wealthy unpublished biographer-- lives up to any part- time file clerk's or Girl Friday's crummed-up dreams. As part of her task, Cary must leave her crowded home (there are ten other offspring) and dwell in a lovely chamber at Hillview (pack bathing suit and clothes for riding next weekend). Cary's job also includes entertaining her employer's restless, handsome nephew. Meanwhile, back in town, loyal and steadfast, Brad Jernigan has been acting as savior to Cary's family. When the nephew proves himself to be a wretched, confused wolf., Cary again turns attentive eyes to Brad, who will obviously open his generous strong arms to her. Lots of love in a triangular mold, it's the stuff storybooks are made of. But it will undoubtedly sell and be read by the less discerning cloud eaters. By the author of Make Way War Lauren (1962, p. 1104, J-318)

Pub Date: Nov. 4th, 1963
Publisher: Westminster