GARDEN SMARTLY by Nancy R. Smith


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This book follows the general plan of Mrs. Smith's Dress Smartly and Sew Smartly in that it is another ""point guide""- this time comprising about 150 ""points"" about gardening for amateurs, with a page or double spread for each point, and marginal illustrations, charts and diagrams as needed. While the approach is geared to the needs of the small homeowner, it might be suggested that a supplementary and even more basic book would be needed for the complete neophyte. There is no attempt here to give explanation of terms, procedure except as provided with specific plants, etc. There is a general impression that the reader of the book knows the ABC steps...The advice is sound, philosophically as well as practically. The coverage is wide: from planning through soil, lawn, trees, vines, shrubs, annuals, biennials, perennials, bulbs, roses, vegetables, fruits, herbs, to special problems such as city gardens, shady gardens, rock gardens, pests and diseases, tools, cold frames. Perhaps the most useful information is in the excellent lists and diagrams:- what to plant, when, for what purpose; periods of bloom; health care; and so on. All in all an excellent handbook for the amateur with a few other basic books.

Publisher: Scribner