A GARDEN FULL OF FLOWERS by Nancy Ruzicka Smith


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The shortcomings of the author's earlier Garden Smartly are competently overcome in this book for the small home-owner. Here she gives very basic information on how to design and execute the plan to have a garden full of flowers. The assumption is that the home-owner has a front yard, side yard and back yard; that he needs seasoned advice on using his setting to best advantage, that he has a money and time problem, and that he wants to overcome it. All phases are discussed:- backgrounds, trees and bushy growth, walls, fences, hedges, how to use flower catalogues, when to choose seeds when plants, or bulbs, when to use annuals- biennials-perennials- roses. The lists are excellent, linked in small units, to the individual subjects; later in larger sections according to month, height, color, growing conditions, etc. Many hints for beginners throughout- while the relatively ambitious gardener will find useful ideas for development. Useful glossary.

Publisher: Scribners