BLUE REMEMBERED HILLS by Nancy Stonestreet


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Portrait of a child, which is sweet, sentimental, but at least not coy, and which tells in brief episode of Debby, eight, whose precocity, intensity, adult awareness give her distinction. How Debby, stern with justice, throws a stone at a boy who hurt her dog, holds her own against a punitive parent; how she spends days with her close friend, Grandma Bronson, in her attic, where she reads Lady Aubrey's Secret, not the Youth's Companion, confesses and get rid of her ""cross to bear""; how she sins in the interest of social justice, defends the unfairly ridiculed grocer Vanzetti, has her first real sorrow when she loses her kitten... Maybe not too good to be true, but good- for conservatives.

Pub Date: March 17th, 1947
Publisher: Coward, McCann