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Quick Answers to Your Questions About Treatment and Self-Care

by Nancy Touchette

Pub Date: Aug. 1st, 1999
ISBN: 1-58040-009-4

A wide-ranging, thorough reference to the disease and its management, this reflects the medical establishment line that diabetes, while a serious nuisance, is a manageable disease. Touchette, writing for the American Diabetes Association, offers an encouraging message: “Living well with diabetes simply means living well.” In short, she counsels, it’s a matter of learning to keep healthy blood glucose levels by balancing food intake and physical activity with medication. To that end, section one of this guide offers a series of flow charts designed to aid decision-making in the event of symptoms ranging from nausea and dizziness to chest pain and seizures (for the latter, all charts advise getting emergency help immediately). Touchette’s second section, “Problems of Diabetes,” offers help with a comprehensive list of difficulties in medical management and daily living, beginning with “Solving Monitoring and Testing Problems.” Throughout, the attitude is that all this can be handled—but some readers personally familiar with the disease (see Butterfield, above) will take issue both with that bright attitude and with the bottom line as presented here. “By controlling blood glucose levels, you can prevent many of the complications of diabetes down the road, and can also prevent emergency situations from arising.” Nonetheless, this section does provide an alert to the myriad problems that may arise. All in all, an accurate, comprehensive reporting of the current mainstream medical view of diabetes management.