TIME'S CORNER by Nancy Wilson Rose


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An inquiry into the arcana of the infinite which comes up with a direct answer to some dusty perplexities in the story of Louisa Frazier, who turns to an Anglican retreat -- retreating from an affair with a married man. A spiritual derelict, Louisa is immune to the routine and the ritual of the Bisters, but she is brought out of her drastic withdrawal from the world when a girl, a drug addict, is left at the retreat and a Dr. Jordan is called in on the case. Her introduction to Jordan leads to a more frequent association, and finally to her reluctant collaboration in his pursuit of the world beyond made possible by the injection of the needle. And as the experimentation continues, and the initial euphoria gives way to the loss of self, and time, and to a dim margin of horror, Louisa is given a chance to save herself- and the delinquent girl at the retreat.... A contrast is absolutes, as the Sisters, and their calm affirmation of faith transcends a dark mystique and a lost limbo of speculation, this has its subtleties of thought as well as its niceties of style, over and above some elements of the grotesque.

Pub Date: Oct. 16th, 1952
Publisher: Random House