THE SPOTTED DOG: The Strange Tale of a Witch's Revenge by Nancy Winslow Parker

THE SPOTTED DOG: The Strange Tale of a Witch's Revenge

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In a grand home on the edge of the woods, the scion of the proud Cruikshank-Jones family must prepare his aristocratic dog Major for the upcoming dog show. An ivory brush obtained from a witch in the woods will make Major shine. But Freddy, deliberately ignoring the witch's explicit directions, brushes himself with the magic brush--and wakes up next day with Major's liver-colored spots. As in many fairy tales, the witch relents, but once more her instructions are disobeyed (this time by Freddy's arrogant mother)--and lo, when the family arrives home from the dog show with Major's prizes, their infant daughter has been changed into a terrier. Years later this switch too is reversed, but not until the terrier has also been brushed and entered in the show, and come home laden with prizes. ""Freddy was terribly disappointed that he never saw the little brown terrier again, for he had grown very fond of her."" A pleasing lap dog of a tale, bred from crossing Parker's characteristic deadpan aplomb with traditional fairy-tale forms.

Pub Date: Sept. 15th, 1980
Publisher: Dodd, Mead