DIVORCED by Nancy with Mary Ellen Reese Wilkins


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At that instant I said 'That does it,' pushed back the chair so it hit the wall, and stood up. Hot anger was pouring through my body, and I knew I had to satisfy it."" That's on page one. By page 75, Mike and Nancy are divorced, by page 101 they're both ""into"" other relationships, and by page 125, she's been to meetings of every respectable singles association in America and has found herself ""job-wise."" True Confessions prose at its purple, pulsing best slapped between two hard covers: a life gone awry (hers), reconstructed through sheer force of will (hers), middle-class sense of purpose (also hers), and everywoman's knowledge of the good old suburban way. I'll tell you my story if you'll tell me yours. Then we'll pay each other $9.95 and we won't have to bother with this drivel.

Pub Date: Dec. 5th, 1977
Publisher: Wyden--dist. by Playboy