THE PSYCHIC REALM: What Can You Believe? by Naomi A. & J. Gaither Pratt Hintze

THE PSYCHIC REALM: What Can You Believe?

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A cautious but fair-minded exposition of several kinds of psychic phenomena including the strange doings which seem to stand up under lab tests and other more spontaneous events that merit investigation. Gothic novelist Hintze and psychic researcher Pratt come up with some fresh material that has never before appeared in print and some that has--over and over again. Each chapter is divided into Hintze's presentation of examples, followed by Pratt's critique. Readers new to the psychic world will be surprised to find Pratt--a parapsychology investigator of 35 years standing--plausibly defending reincarnation, psychic animals, mediums, precognition, possession, a selection of miracle healers, ghosts, poltergeists, various types of clairvoyance, and thought-power strong enough to make an upended cigarette glide over rough linen without toppling. Though one wonders why the cosmic powers should be interested in such silly tricks. Some of the events described the authors claim to have personally witnessed, and they become most contentious when dealing with Dr. William Nolen's Healing (1975)--a far more scientific approach to What Can You Believe than this one.

Pub Date: Nov. 10th, 1975
Publisher: Random House