HONOUR COME BACK- by Naomi Jacob
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Better than The Loaded Stick -- a good deal in common with Four Generations in the subtle interpretation of the feelings of an Englishman that could not conform to the accepted standards. There's a Neil Boll flavor in the telling -- and the story should appeal to the Neil Boll audience....The theme of the novel is fear of pain -- the demon that drives Michael Benham into the war, to escape his father's scorn, that makes him demand front line work, since he believes his destiny is to watch others suffer, that eventually pushes him over the brink of sanity. His memory is gone -- he marries an Italian girl, and then regains his memory, but definitely severs his connections when he sees his mother again. A story of a losing fight -- and of ultimate victory. Good tale. Try the readers who like Neil Bell -- also those who like Richard Aldington. Last minute change of date to July 30.

Publisher: Macmillan