ALL THE TOMORROWS by Naomi Lane Babson
Kirkus Star


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A Chinese family story from 1862 to the present day, following the indomitable strain that came down from Fragrant Incense, to Apricot, to Felix and his two daughters, Pearl and Jade. Apricot fights against Chinese conventions, has an affair with a foreigner, but produces the heir to the house, for lack of another. A third generation follows, with a new twist to the Chinese motive, when two daughters give up the men they love, one for devotion to the Communist party, the other for marriage with a doctor, with whom she grows in wisdom and loveliness. Good background material for well-drawn characters and family and personal problems, as the change is traced from the ways of old China to new, with the incomplete adjustment to foreign customs and the evidences of the overhanging Japanese threat.

Pub Date: July 14th, 1939
Publisher: Reynal & Hitchcock