ANOTHER SKY by Naomi Lane Babson


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A pleasant ugly-duckling romance, set in the early 1820's, of two cousins- Quincy French, the narrator, tall, gawky, sensitive, imaginative, and (she says) ugly, and Annis Profitt, beautiful, cold, religious. Annis inadvertently takes the love of Mr. Cushing, a young missionary about to go to the Sandwich Islands, from Quincy, but because of a broken leg misses the boat when her fiance leaves for his mission. When well, she and Quincy set sail from New Haven for the South Pacific. Captain Mungo Clark is attracted to both girls, Annis for her beauty, Quincy for all other virtues, and Quincy is more and more drawn to him although she again feels that she is second to Annis in his heart. Upon arrival at their destination, Quincy finds that her missionary has already married an available widow; Captain Clark, not knowing this, sails off to trade in China; and Annis sets about a regime of religions dedication. Finally, after complications, Clark returns, loving Quincy, and there is a happy ending. A well-written woman's book- should have a definite audience of that gender.

Publisher: Harcourt, Brace