THE OMELETTE BOOK by Narcissa G. Chamberlain


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Inheritor through her husband, Samuel Chamberlain, of a gourmet's background, and writing as deftly as the good cook must flip and fold the omelette, Narcissa Chamberlain not only regales with recipes- she introduces us to the omelette itself- its tradition, history and the versatility it both necessitates and is capable of. In the descriptive passages humorous mention is made of unusual uses to which that egg was put in Roman times, for instance, or of famous omelette makers and the most basic of omelette recipes and techniques. The vast supply of recipes which follow are arranged in eating order- with appetizer omelettes first and dessert omelettes last. There are sauces included too, to make an even more savoury dish for the bookish cook.

Publisher: Knopf