CITY by Nart Stilwell


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Bozder town people on the cultures -- strong medicine for the genteel, this is a novel of strong feeling, strong speech, and a view of a local front with all its . David, -year old reporter on the News of ""Border City"", Texas, impatiently the rights of the Mexicans living and working there, conducts a one-man battle against and prejudices, and is subjected to the restrains offered by his job, politest and public feeling. He falls in love with a Mexican girl, Chelo, who holds him off. of metimes and in a labor David resigme, only to be forced back to the paper when the personal. As editor, on his won terms, he pulls the paper out of its of conditions, the fight for the recognition of the that many of the white people with him in the fight, and manages to many who , but loses the change of in the enemies ones again in power depart Chelo, while he stays on to fight restima and to wait for the expiration of . story which packs a push.

Publisher: Doubleday, Doran