GO WATCH TV by Nat Rutstein


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In avoiding the ""professional language"" which he feels makes other published material difficult for the average parent to understand, Rutstein also abandons the caution that an academician would employ in evaluating the studies, quotations and anecdotes which he cites and freely interprets here as evidence of both TV's harmful effects and its power for good. No ""extremist,"" Rutstein advocates proper use, not banning of TV -- but mostly this is a warning, with a loosely argued chapter apiece on the separate (and mostly familiar) charges that the ""electronic pacifier"" is racist, sexist, provocatively sexy and irresponsibly violent; that it fosters materialism and inspires emulation of antisocial behavior; that it causes ""psychological wreckage"" by lying to children who love and trust it; that too much can be physically damaging (radiation) and can stunt psychological and social growth; and even that it is responsible for the breakup of the family -- teaching children to disrespect their parents and parents to run off and ""do their thing."" After all tiffs Rutstein's recommended ""watching standards"" -- essentially, that parents discriminate between questionable and worthwhile programs and limit their seven to twelve-year-olds to two or two and a half hours of viewing a day -- are disappointingly mild. An innocuous rerun.

Pub Date: Sept. 18th, 1974
Publisher: Sheed & Ward