TO SAVE YOUR LIFE by Natalie Davis Spingarn


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To save your life"" the U.S. Public Health Service goes far afield. In this documentary presentation, branches of the agency are explored and dramatic episodes re-enacted. Still, the overall effect is reminiscent of a hard-sell TV commercial which degrades a worthwhile subject. From early pioneers, to a bubonic plague epidemic averted in San Francisco, trachoma controlled in the Kentucky hills, this follows the work of the ""disease detectives"" and its expansion through the years:- how a contaminated spring (suspected of causing hepatitis) was traced to its source, or the poisonous chemical found in Danbury's hat factories. The research arm of P.H.S. developed the virus theory of cancer and revolutionary methods of diagnosing heart disease. Guarding our shores from many intangible enemies, the Coast Guard and Navy provide medical care over the airwaves to ships at sea and maintain stringent rules of entry. Each aspect is related in terms of specific cases and incidents. Written in pamphlet style, this should nevertheless offer useful information to those career sound in public health.

Pub Date: April 9th, 1963
Publisher: Little, Brown