ZIG-ZAG ZEPPO by Natalie Hall
Kirkus Star


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One of the most glorious days in vaudeville history reaches a brilliant climax when the six Zeppo brothers on the brink of disaster are saved by the seventh and smallest member of the most spectacular acrobatic act in the world. Zig-Zag was the most efficient errand boy possible, but his most important task was whispering stage directions to his six forgetful brothers during the crucial moment of the human pyramid. Yet secretly Zig-Zag yearned to be an integral part of the act. He gets his chance when the only way to save the show is to jump deftly stop the pyramid and smilingly whisper the vital instructions. From that day on, Zig-Zag wins his way into the troupe as well as into the hearts of his young audience, who may even long for more adventures of this zesty circus character. Miss Hall's art equals the gay manner of the text.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1961
Publisher: Viking