THE ALL NEW JONAH TWIST by Natalie Honeycutt
Kirkus Star


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Honeycutt's second novel is a humorous, compassionate story that's right on target. Jonah Twist is always last and always late: last down to breakfast and last in his seat after the bell rings. He finishes his work late--and forgets everything. However, when promised a pet if he can prove he's responsible enough, he buckles down, determined to become the All New Jonah Twist. He gets off to a good start, but his efforts are thwarted almost immediately by pint-sized Granville, newest (and smallest) kid in third grade. Granville knows a small kid has to ""act tough. Or they'll pulverize you."" But his unconventional efforts to gain Jonah's friendship turn Jonah against him, so that he manages (with the ""help"" of Juliet Fisher, class tattletale) to push Jonah to the point where Jonah feels he must show his teacher that Granville isn't ""so great."" Jonah's plan not only doesn't work, it makes Granville believe Jonah wants to be his friend. They try it out and, surprise, it works. Jonah gets a new friend and his longed-for pet. One of the nicest things in this funny, fast-paced story is the portrayal of the sensitive, understanding, yet unstereotypical adults in Jonah's life. Jonah's great plan to hurt Granville may be a letdown, but Jonah himself is an unforgettable character, one we'd like to see again.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1986
Page count: 110pp
Publisher: Bradbury/Macmillan