CARNIVAL IN PARIS by Natalie Savage Carlson
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Nelly Flandim is determined to enter Arabelle the goose in the Flandim Petit Cirque, a small Parisian carnival. With the slogan ""kindness and patience"" constantly in the fore, Nelly and her brother train the goose to dance. The francs Arabelle earns in the local market place proves she is ready for the big time and when summer finally arrives, Nelly and Marc leave their relatives' farm to join their parents in Paris. The following weeks are filled with the fun of Arabelle's performance and the excitement of Parisian places -- the Flea Market where Nelly's great is a dress for the goose,- the Metro, where all the Flandims lose their way, and finally Artura Rinaldo's great Cirque Je Paris. Nelly's secret plan to audition Arabelle for Monsieur Hinaldo is shattered when she sees her first truly professional animal acts. To her great embarrassment Monsieur Rinaldo turns up for a disastrous performance of Cirque, but surprisingly offers the entire Flandim menagerie an unusual role in the Cirque Paris. The same Gallic charm that characterized the Orphelines is transferred to the Flandims in a book with obvious subject appeal and rollicking vivic

Publisher: Harper