THE HAPPY ORPHELINE by Natalie Savage with Garth Williams Carlson
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In the tender and whimsical care of Madame Flattot, a cheerful woman whose head was crowned by a beautiful braid which she took off and laid on top of her bureau every night, Brigitte and nineteen other little French orphan girls were happy as could be. In fact, they dreaded the idea of adoption. Another indulgent protector was Genevieve who wanted to practise on the orphans for the twenty children she hoped someday to have. Genevieve kept the orphelines happy with stories of her godmother's poodle Zezette. But when the orphans went to visit the cemetery where Zezette was buried, Brigitte came close to catastrophe. She fell behind the others and was noticed by Madame Capet -- a most peculiar woman who suggested that Brigitte call her ""Your Majesty"". The scheme Brigitte devised to discourage Madame Capet from adopting her will amuse many children who liked Madeline.

Pub Date: Oct. 16th, 1957
Publisher: Harper