THE LONG ROAD by Natalie Shipman


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A not too-sweetened-for-popular-palates story of current day problems of marital readjustment and relocation, as Tom, after two and a half years overseas, returns to Brooke. She finds him difficult and tries -- despite his physical disability and partial neuroticism -- to route him automatically into her world, a world of city apartment living, and her wartime acquired independence. Tom, after a few unhappy and unsuccessful months salvages himself by returning to his type of life -- the land -- and it takes Brooke some time before she accepts his terms. Readably turned out for rentals. There's one angle that seems to have been largely ignored by most novelists dealing with the subject, and that is that the readjustments aren't all on the side of the returned veteran.

Pub Date: Dec. 28th, 1945
Publisher: Prentice-Hall