YOU'RE THE BOSS! by Natasha Josefowitz


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A few good tips on how to hire, train, and supervise--amid many trite observations and well-known hints on management. Josefowitz concentrates heavily on cross-cultural, cross-age, and cross-gender problems that may arise in the office, with conversational--sometimes laughably unrealistic--models of how to resolve them. (E.g., a male boss calls in his female subordinate to discuss the situation created by her affection for him, her presents of flowers, and her too-frequent visits to his office. When she begins to cry, he sympathetically says he'll discuss the matter with her again next week.) Though there are four other sections--Getting Started, Building Relationships, Getting Settled, and Building Leadership--the meat of the text is in Building Effectiveness, which offers worthwhile ideas for the new and seasoned manager on interviewing preparation and techniques, performance reviews, motivating a staff, and dealing with problem employees. Much of the material, however, is presented in a patronizing fashion--as if to brand-new managers generally or blue-collar managers in particular. (Many of the examples seem to draw blue-collar/white-collar differences, which is also a major focus of the research Josefowitz cites.) Injections of the author's inspirational verse are, if anything, counterproductive.

Pub Date: March 1st, 1985
ISBN: 0446377449
Publisher: Warner