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Think Yourself Thin by Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas

Think Yourself Thin

The DNA System to Reprogram Your Own Brain to Lose Weight and Keep it Off

by Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas

Pub Date: Jan. 20th, 2016
ISBN: 978-1-4917-8467-9
Publisher: iUniverse

A Canadian life coach shares advice on developing a healthier mindset regarding eating and exercise in this how-to guide.

Plamondon-Thomas (When You’re Hungry, You Gotta Eat, 2011, etc.) warns upfront that her narrative is “more a book about ‘working in’ vs. ‘working out.’ ” Specifically, she discusses her “D.N.A system,” a mindfulness-focused approach that she uses with her own fitness clients, informed by the principles of “neuro-linguistic programming,” of which she’s a certified master practitioner. Her process consists of determining “how to elicit what you want (desire),” “how to make room for what you want and…clear any negative impact from your past (new you)” and finally “to program your brain with what you want (actualize).” She leads readers through a variety of exercises to explore these steps, including answering questions to uncover unconscious and/or self-limiting beliefs and then “recalibrate” and “rephrase” negative behaviors and statements: “Is it your belief that losing weight is hard? It could just as easily be easy. You have to believe that it’s easy and that it will work.” She also includes activities to amplify desired behaviors through recall visualization (such as summoning up times that one ate healthier) and use physical and spatial anchors (such as pressing one’s hands together and imagining oneself in a “circle of excellence”). Plamondon-Thomas passionately makes the case that a NLP–focused reset may well be the best weapon against self-sabotage and that it can allow one to achieve lasting, healthier eating and exercising habits. Her activities are at times a bit complex, such as her directive to “bring your integrated symbol with you along with your core and your potential” while advancing along an “identity matrix” grid. Still, Plamondon-Thomas’ enthusiasm for NLP is ultimately infectious, making this an effective, engaging self-mastery primer.

Well-reasoned self-help for reaching wellness goals.