THE WINE OF VIOLENCE by Nathan Zuckerman


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This anthology of anti-semitism is a sizeable compilation of much that has been written about the Jewish problem by both Jew and non-Jew. The material here has been broken down into sections on the nature of anti-semitism, its techniques, its alleged causes (racial, political, psychological, economic, etc.) to its actual demonstration in the martyrdom of the Jews -- from biblical times to Hitler's ""ritual of hate"". Here too are counter measures and their defendants, both individuals and organizations; the proposed solutions of the problem, and a special supplement on the Jewish-Negro problem. This has been rightly called an ""arsenal of ammunition"", collecting within one volume all types of testimony and opinion on one of the great unresolved questions of our time. It should prove a valuable handbook for organizations dealing with intolerance, for speakers, for reference.

Pub Date: June 2nd, 1947
Publisher: Association Press (347 Madison Ave.)