SAIL A CROOKED SHIP by Nathaniel Benchley


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What happens- and what doesn't- when mild Peter Bellows, and his fiancee Elinor, more lovely than she is lovable, are slugged- while boarding an old merchant ship which is the hideout of a crew of criminals, planning to pull off a series of bank robberies. While they know little about navigation, Peter, an ex-Navy man, is useful- in weathering a hurricane, putting out a fire in the bilges, and bringing the ship into Boston harbor. He is also forced to participate in the holdup, and the getaway, and while his attempt to alert the Coastguard fails, Elinor is more successful when she jumps overboard.... Nathaniel Benchley's second novel (One To Grow On- 1958)- this is foolish-to-skittish stuff and the ""ideal balance between humor and menace"" is mostly touch and go between ho and hum.

Pub Date: May 4th, 1960
Publisher: McGraw-Hill