LASSITER'S FOLLY by Nathaniel Benchley


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Benchley's decent backwater sorts again take on the behemoth of Big-Think with homemade fishhooks. The backwater is Mariposa, an island off Florida's Inland Waterway. Among the natives -- Hike Considine and Sam Marin, two small marina owners, a nice randy girl named Melanie and assorted small town settlers. Into the peace of the gentle island comes Binx Lassiter, a millionaire who has a dream of bringing the blessings of overflowing yet highly selective prosperity to the Mariposans and to become part of that grateful community. Before Binx is through, a man is savagely injured, one is killed (never by Lassiter's direct orders), men's holdings are undermined and in general the rights and privileges of the small American property owner are swamped in the interests of enforced well-being -- via bulldozers, airfields and golf courses, etc. "". . . for the first time,"" said Sam, ""I understand those kids who. . . take over schools. . . you want to scream and throw things."" But the rape of Mariposa at its unseemly height is abruptly discontinued after Lassiter is trussed up nude, at his own open house. And Lassiter is off to England -- a great man betrayed by all. More Benchley woodnotes -- a pleasant reprise of some old tunes.

Pub Date: Jan. 1st, 1970
Publisher: Atheneum