Nature & Travel Book Reviews (page 206)

Released: Oct. 1, 1992

"A must read, then, for conservationists, Africanists, and animal lovers. (Photographs; maps.)"
From two members of the World Wildlife fund: an important book on conservation in the continent where Tanzania, home to the famous Serengeti Park, is now ranked as the third poorest nation in the world. Read full book review >
Released: Sept. 24, 1992

"A powerful adventure of the heart as well as the body: not to be missed."
The jungles of Borneo can bring adventurers to their knees—and elevate adventurous writers to admirable heights, as evidenced by Eric Hansen's Stranger in the Forest (1987) and, now, by free-lance writer Johnston's smart, passionate account of rafting down the island's treacherous Boh River. Read full book review >

Released: Sept. 21, 1992

"Too much chalk-and-blackboard stuff, but Fox cuts to the chase often enough to make this generally prime fare for stormnauts, far superior to John Fuller's comparable Tornado Watch #211 (1987). (Maps.)"
What's it like to be caught in a thunderous downpour swept by 150-mph winds with a tidal wave heading straight at you? Read full book review >
YOUNG MEN AND FIRE by Norman Maclean
Released: Sept. 1, 1992

"It is also an exercise in age-old wisdom—the lesson that suffering is the surest path to truth—exhaustively researched and lovingly expressed. (Thirteen halftones, two maps—not seen.)"
The terrifying story of the worst disaster in the history of the US Forest Service's elite Smokejumpers outfit, by the author of the classic A River Runs Through It (1976). Read full book review >
Released: Sept. 1, 1992

"A top-notch dog-and-gun-book, with sympathetic focus on humans and animals as well as some fine nature writing."
Wonderfully evoked natural scenes and portraits of hunters from a free-lance writer. Read full book review >

ANIMAL MINDS by Donald R. Griffin
Released: Sept. 1, 1992

"Instead, Griffin, whose observations of echolation in bats have earned him high honors in animal science, can be credited with opening a path that invites others to blaze new trails in the quest for consciousness in all animals, human and otherwise."
In his latest elaboration on the theme of animal thought and consciousness, Griffin (an associate of Harvard's Museum of Comparative Zoology) is intent on laying to rest the ghosts of behaviorism. Read full book review >
Released: Aug. 26, 1992

"A valuable and admirably nonpartisan reformulation of our cultural relationship to nature, containing work by many of America's foremost nature writers."
A thoughtfully compiled and provocative collection of 19 essays, selected from the Orion quarterly by editorial-board member Sauer, that explore the possibilities of living artfully on the earth. Read full book review >
Released: Aug. 24, 1992

"Corona, New Mexico, still awaits its Schliemann, or at least its Jim Garrison; ufology still awaits its Homer. (Photographs—not seen.)"
Long-awaited report by Friedman, a nuclear physicist and well- known UFO buff, and Berliner (Want a Job? Read full book review >
SHAKKAI by Lynn V. Andrews
Released: Aug. 3, 1992

In a bizarre addition to her Sisters of the Shield series (The Woman of Wyrrd, 1990, etc.), Andrews recounts her ``spiritual'' adventures in a future life as a young Japanese woman, an acolyte of Shakkai, keeper of the sacred gardens—an image of nature, its healing power, and the inner female life. Read full book review >
GOING BACK TO BISBEE by Richard Shelton
Released: Aug. 1, 1992

"A delightful American companion piece to Peter Mayle's A Year in Provence."
Poet-professor Shelton (English/Univ. of Arizona) offers his first full-length prose work—and it's cause for celebration. Read full book review >
Released: Aug. 1, 1992

"Some light moments on mythical islands, some straightforward history, and some high-tech mapping of the sea floor are also included in this very personal and well-informed collection—and, yes, we do find out what happened to that swimmer stranded at sea."
Hamilton-Paterson—Englishman, novelist (Gerontius, 1991, etc.), poet, journalist, traveler—has written an impressive book reflecting all these attributes. Read full book review >
Released: July 27, 1992

"Vintage Capstick."
Veteran hunter-writer Capstick (Sands of Silence, 1991, etc.) offers what he calls ``escape reading'' as he tells—in his typical men-will-be-boys way—the stories of four hunters. Read full book review >
Kirkus Interview
Pierce Brown
author of GOLDEN SON
February 17, 2015

With shades of The Hunger Games, Ender’s Game, and Game of Thrones, Pierce Brown’s genre-defying Red Rising hit the ground running. The sequel, Golden Son, continues the saga of Darrow, a rebel battling to lead his oppressed people to freedom. As a Red, Darrow grew up working the mines deep beneath the surface of Mars, enduring backbreaking labor while dreaming of the better future he was building for his descendants. But the Society he faithfully served was built on lies. Darrow’s kind have been betrayed and denied by their elitist masters, the Golds—and their only path to liberation is revolution. “Stirring—and archetypal—stuff,” our reviewer writes. View video >