Nature & Travel Book Reviews (page 34)

TWILIGHT OF LOVE by Robert Dessaix
Released: Aug. 1, 2005

"Simply, gracefully and wisely written, saturated with the sorrows and joys of years."
A writer searches out the significant sites in the life of Ivan Turgenev and ponders love, obsession, creation and literary celebrity. Read full book review >
OAK by William Bryant Logan
Released: June 1, 2005

"The Royal Oak, the democratic oak, an oak for every season and purpose, all respectfully, admiringly and insightfully laid out for readers to marvel at. And marvel they will. (30 illustrations, not seen)"
The biography of a tree that has been collectively embraced for its multifaceted grandeur. Read full book review >

Released: April 19, 2005

"Nature writing at its best."
A short, lovely chronicle of a long hike, during which McKibben (Enough, 2003, etc.) meditatively reflects on the relationship between nature and humanity. Read full book review >
Released: March 29, 2005

"Not just for the obsessives so gently chided here. A warm and humorous exploration of a generation's answer to Vonnegut—and Einstein."
Tales of frantic deadlines, obsessions with gadgetry and physics, and jokes told by one of history's most amusing authors. If only all biographies could be this much fun. Read full book review >
Released: March 1, 2005

"Fluidity and economy of style, a wit that crackles as it whispers. Every reader should experience Lewis."
In this last book before his death in 2003, Lewis amply demonstrates why peers and contemporaries hailed him as one of the finest travel writers in English in the last century. Read full book review >

Released: March 1, 2005

"Caviar, it turns out, is not just tasty. In Carey's hands, it's luminous."
Hard to imagine that a story about fish eggs could be "fast-paced," not to mention prophetic. But this piece of environmental journalism is both. Read full book review >
TRAWLER by Redmond O’Hanlon
Released: Jan. 1, 2005

"A not-so-long but certainly very strange trip, with all the dark radiance and queer humor of this author's earlier work. "
More hard travel to the underside of natural history from O'Hanlon (No Mercy, 1997, etc.), who boards a trawler headed for bad weather and finds as well a feast of weird sea creatures—not to mention the semi-madness of the sleep-deprived. Read full book review >
Released: Nov. 22, 2004

"Meticulous almost to a fault, but flashing with human interest and keen environmental insight: an illuminating march through environmental politics at a turning point in green awareness."
Magazine journalist Klucas debuts with a patiently detailed unfolding of the environmental missteps that have marked the entire history of Leadville, Colorado. Read full book review >
Released: Oct. 12, 2004

"The rare traveler who senses the reason why we travel in the first place."
An anthology covering three decades of calculated serendipity. Read full book review >
Released: Oct. 5, 2004

"A gathering of savories, many revelatory, each a delight and a small work of art."
Smooth and snazzy collection of travel and set pieces from New Yorker staffer Orlean (The Bullfighter Checks Her Makeup, 2001, etc.). Read full book review >
Released: Sept. 27, 2004

"Richly detailed, impeccably researched, and at times controversial: this merits a place alongside Bartram in the library devoted to the South."
A learned stroll through the shady groves of the South, past and present, where the longleaf pine once flourished and may yet rise again. Read full book review >
Released: July 1, 2004

"Immediate and terrifying, so edge-of-the-seat readers will have creases in their glutei maximi."
AP features writer Lewan crafts a painful, exhilarating narrative from the ordeal of a fishing schooner that tried to cheat the weather forecasts in the Gulf of Alaska and got caught. Read full book review >
Kirkus Interview
Jude Deveraux
author of EVER AFTER
July 1, 2015

New York Times bestselling author Jude Deveraux's eagerly awaited Ever After, the third novel in her blockbuster Nantucket Brides trilogy, continues the saga of the Montgomery-Taggerts, set on an island steeped in beauty and unforgettable romance. Life is anything but perfect for Hallie Hartley, a young physical therapist who has given up nearly everything—even her love life—for her beautiful blonde stepsister, Shelly. Though Shelly's acting career has never taken off, she has certainly perfected the crocodile tears to get what she wants—which all too often means Hallie's boyfriends. When Hallie arrives home early from work one fateful day, she makes two startling discoveries that will turn her life upside down. "This sexy, lighthearted romp brings the series to a satisfying close," our reviewer writes. View video >