PROPHETIC VOICES: Words and Ideas on Revolution by Ned--Ed. O'Gorman

PROPHETIC VOICES: Words and Ideas on Revolution

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Edited by the poet, Ned O'Gorman, this is an unusual collection of brief statements, mostly by radical Catholics, on such varied subjects as revolution, silence, eternity, beauty, freedom, and death. The editor's original intent was to compile ideas on mass upheaval, but the transformations most under discussion here are inward: toward the wholeness, humanity, and joy to be found in sex (Michael Novak on ""Marriage,"" Thomas Merton on ""Purity""), in nonviolence (James Douglass on ""The Revolution of Peace"") and in the opening of self to love and death (David Rast on ""Eucharist""). These inner revolutions are opposed to the outward oppressions: racism, wealth, nationalism, speed, war. Against such delusions, the authors prophesy with spontaneous passion, whimsy (""I like to contemplate revolutions as something the tritons undertake for fun""), and with intoxicating mystic wordiness. Intimations and illuminations which catch the attention of an open mind.

Pub Date: June 18th, 1969
Publisher: Random House