TERROR IN AMERICA by Ned Kalbfleish


You Are Not Safe!
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Evil Muslims wreak havoc on innocent Americans in this hypothetical sketch of a terrorist plot.

The borders of the United States are virtually nonexistent, gun laws deprive Americans of their constitutional and human right to defend themselves from attack and all the protective and police agencies the government can create are helpless in the face of terror. Such is the premise of Terror in America, a fictional attempt at proving how simple it would be for even a small group of well-trained terrorists to wreak havoc on the country. The book follows the progress of five terrorist teams, funded and trained by Syria and Iran. After being smuggled across the Mexican border by an unpatriotic Mexican-American, the terrorists (20 in all) wait patiently as decoy plots are “discovered” by international intelligence around the globe. While the public’s attention is diverted by these more obvious threats, the terrorists divide into five groups of four, and move quickly across the western half of the country, bombing gas stations, movie theaters, day-care centers, and other so-called “soft” targets in largely rural areas. Technically, the book leaves plenty to be desired: There is no stabilizing narrative arc, nor any attempt to depict the characters as more than stereotypes. To Kalbfleish’s credit, he does construct and maintain a modicum of tension as the terrorists go about their business. But by the nth explosion of an incendiary device in a public place, the author’s point has been driven into the ground and the narrative becomes repetitious and wearying.

Not entirely convincing, but will further alarm those who are already afraid.

Pub Date: Feb. 1st, 2007
ISBN: 978-0-9793316-1-9
Program: Kirkus Indie
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