BOMBER'S MOON by Negley Farson
Kirkus Star


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Negley Farson's name may well carry this over the hurdle of being labelled another ""London in the Blitzkrieg"". For he successfully makes it unique, sharing so intimately with his readers his own experiences as he goes from one scene to another, that one feels a part of the ghastly scene, redeemed by simple acts of heroism. His own insatiable interest in the human beings whose paths he crosses makes him sensitive to their thoughts and responses to crisis. He sees London before, during and after a blitz: he gives one sound and sight and scent: he makes Londoners come into being with their fears, their courage, their peculiar and imperishable brand of humor, their hopes and their sorrows. He takes one into the pubs, homes, factories, shelters, hotels, and clubs. He shares the Englishman's love of England and makes one see the whys and wherefores. With him goes Tom Purvis, and his sketch pad, and his drawings illustrate the text.

Pub Date: July 3rd, 1941
Publisher: Harcourt, Brace