THE SOFT REVOLUTION by Neil & Charles Weingartner Postman


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This is a postgraduate primer for their 1969 Teaching as a Subversive Activity -- a book of alternatives to help promote a revolution without violence since ""violence changes the subject"" and is counterproductive. The alternatives consist of ""advice, maxims, homilies, metaphors, models, case studies, rules, commentaries, jokes, sayings and a variety of other things"" such as a certain amount of flak. All of it is designed to help students (school or college) achieve a non-coercive, non-regulated kind of education and the college is at one point equated with the public library where you can go to find out what you want to know. The authors are iconoclasts, albeit peaceful ones, and there are many kinds of recommendations (often taken from what has been done all over the country) on how to achieve a more fluid system. The occasional overstatement is arguable -- i.e. ""All human behavior, even among paranoid schizophrenics, is purposive."" The line-ups of referrals is calculable: Ralph Nader and Norbert Wiener and Kohl and Dennison on the one hand; Nixon, Agnew, Abbie Hoffman, John Wayne and David Susskind on the other. Since along the way the authors have written off ail required reading, a book like this can certainly be considered optional.

Pub Date: Feb. 1st, 1971
Publisher: Delacorte