BARBAROSSA: King of the Sea by Neil Grant

BARBAROSSA: King of the Sea

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Pointing out that the Barbarossas were government-sponsored privateers like Sir Francis Drake and not run-of-the-plank pirates, Grant attempts to reconstruct the shadowy reputation of Khair ed-Din, younger and more famous of the seafaring brothers. And ""By the beard of the Prophet!"" -- it certainly adds up to the ""ripsnorting"" adventure the jacket copy promises: Barbarossa killing men by the dozens with his scimitar in a futile defense of Tunis, attempting to kidnap the Neapolitan beauty Guilia Gonzaga for the sultan's harem, and looting the Pope's galley (throwing his own oars overboard to keep his men from retreating). If these exploits seem a little bloody, Grant reminds us that the Europeans were even less civilized at the time, but the obvious enjoyment with which they are recounted does little to repair the good name of the much maligned Turks.

Pub Date: March 27th, 1972
Publisher: Hawthorn