WESTWARD TILT by Neil Morgan


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It was Frank Lloyd Wright who once remarked that ""America was tilted, and everything loose was sliding into Southern California."" This book attempts to describe in great detail, if not to fully explain, the causes and effects of that ilt"". Morgan, a California newspaperman, holds no brief for objectivity: ""I ling to a typically Western optimism that something good for America will result from the energies and dreams of the millions involved in this greatest migration of history."" Relying upon broad first-hand knowledge and a vast wealth of statistical fact, as well as countless interviews with both ""typical"" and outstanding Westerners, he examines the recent past, the future, climate, outlook, advantages, and problems of each of the eleven western-most states in turn; but his home state, California (as may be only proper) comes in for the bulk of his attention. Despite the built-in uplift, it is a lively and informative work. ""The West is the most dynamic region of America today...But newness and bigness are not adequate in themselves. Rapid growth and vigor are not goals but symptoms. In dedication and direction, the West flounders like America...Whatever America is, the West will be re so."" For natives, and outlanders alike, a vista both flattering and critical which will provoke discussion and interest.

Publisher: Random House