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This Inside View of the Pro Tour"" by one of its ""most interesting performers. That's me"" -- Champagne Tony- is probably the first account of this circuit which has picked up so much spectator appeal in the last ten years. Sporty in tone (Tony was also known as the playboy player), this is still serious about what it takes to take a living playing a game which is only 30% physical. Tony came in through the basement, a golf club job on the coast, was very successful in an early tournament, then started ""skidding up and down like a mountain goat"". Trying to change his game almost eliminated him altogether. The grass is not always green on this fairway- along with his two year slump, there were debts and some unfortunate exploitation y his sponsor. The golfers' gold? For Tony, up to about $100,000 in prize money although a big winner like Arnold Palmer makes five times as much.... Candid, jaunty, personalized, this should be a hole in one on a practically untouched course. As they say, one of the ""Dew Brigade"".

Publisher: Little, Brown