DEEPDOWN RIVER by Neill C. Wilson


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This linsey-woolsey of way back in the depression years way out in the mighty daho canyons will have a reminiscent sentimental appeal for all who remember The Nine rides and Granny Hite. The story is told by young Jamie Tinnock from the time when he nuggled up under a quilt with his brother Macklin while they dreamed of the pennant their great-grandmother sewed together out of her intimate apparel for Colonel Custer back in '73. Later in '76, when his great grandparents befriended a redskin with a ounded arm, they found it wrapped with Custer's flag -- the very pennant she had sewn. Then there's Jamie's first affections for Susie Loree, whom he later woos and wins as result of beating all others in a fiddling contest. His fiddle is something like ing Arthur's Excalibur and the contest is a meeting of pure hill spirit against pure will spirit. It's real reviving, like ginger wine.

Publisher: Morrow