WOMEN AT THE WINDOW by Neilla Gardner White


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There's a somewhat fresh slant here to the familiar pattern of the dominant possessive woman, who hides a vicious quality of magnetism behind a fascinating and alluring surface. For Anna has been crippled, probably for life, and from her bedroom dominates the household, squeezing all vitality from her husband, her terrified little son. And over the community she has cast a spell; they see her as she pictures herself, gay, courageous, sharing with all. Actually, in the mirror the old-fashioned ""busybody"", she captures their secrets, refusing defeat even if it means prying and poking into other lives. Alone in fighting what she half sees- and wholly fears- Liz, Anna's sister, finds herself almost caught in the web, when reluctantly she comes to help run the household. Anna comes close to wrecking more lives before she is forced into facing herself. And Biz, on the brink of disaster, is free to be herself again. A story of two sisters in conflict, backgrounded by the community, a Connecticut town of today. A holding if not a profound story.

Publisher: Viking