THE ARAB WORLD by Nejla Izzeddin


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In the preface to this comprehensive work on the past, present and future of the people of many races who live in equality in the ""Arab World"", William E. Hocking comments that the book has been ""written with feeling as well as responsible care"". This is manifestly so. But the writer is also, if perhaps naturally, violently against the creation of the state of Israel which she feels was prompted more by international power politics than by humanitarian principles and represents an American and British threat to the Arab world. After painstakingly retracing her people's history, their cultural roots and patterns, the influences of the Western world and the influence which they in turn exerted on us, she unmasks the weaknesses inherent in Arab society today. But she feels that East and West have much to learn from each other, and points to the leadership of the Moslem Brothers, and the strength of the new Progressive Socialist Party in Lebanon as examples of the Arab's ability to reconstruct his society along modern lines. A book that will make thoughtful readers aware of the strength and integrity of a people who are beginning to reevaluate their ancient culture and will not compromise with foreign interest. This in itself will spark a certain controversy.

Publisher: Henry Regnery