PUNCH IN, SUSIE by Nell Giles


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A columnist for the Boston Globe (author of Susan, Be Smooth) is assigned a close-up from personal experience of women in war work. She gets a job with General Electric, at Lynn, Massachusetts; she makes good with suspicious follow workers and pitches in to make the grade on her own. She reports what the girls are like, what they read, what they talk and think about, how they dress, what they eat. She discusses the working conditions, the kinds of jobs, the different shifts, the difficulties of transportation, cleanliness; the earnings and how they are spent; the morals and the importance of the finished product. Italicized style which spoils, to some degree, straightforward reportage. Duplicates, to some extent, von Miklos' I Took a War Job (S & S). And it is less well written.

Pub Date: Sept. 8th, 1943
Publisher: Harper