TALES OF EDISTO by Nell S. Graydon


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Edisto, an island, forty miles south of Charleston, South Carolina, was at the height of the cotton boom, the capitol of that mighty southern agricultural kingdom. Lush gardens, an unpredictable sea, fabulous mansions are the stuff of which ghost stories are made, and Edisto has its share of the eerie and the haunting in its verbal tradition. Told informally and illustrated with photographs by Carl Julien, here are some of the legends of Edisto, legends ostensibly based on fact. A bride is shot on her wedding night and her ghost haunts the mansion; a jealous Negro husband kills his young wife at a dance; a ghastly horseman brings good tidings, a charm saves a life; a curse falls on a vindictive slave owner. Primarily for the devotee of Southern lore, this somewhat thin but refreshing collection of stories dealing with both the white and almost unadulterated Negro culture of the island should definitely have a place in Southern public and lending libraries.

Publisher: McKay-Tupper & Love