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THE LION'S GAME by Nelson DeMille


by Nelson DeMille

Pub Date: Jan. 6th, 2000
ISBN: 0-446-52065-9

Everybody knows there’s something fishy about the defection of Libyan terrorist Asad Khalil to the US as soon as the lineup of talent waiting for him at Kennedy—CIA, FBI, NYPD, and other members of the Anti-Terrorist Task Force—loses radio contact with the airliner that picked him up after he surrendered to American authorities in Paris. Even though it keeps following its flight plan, former New York cop John Corey (Plum Island, 1997) has a sense of things turning rapidly worse—a feeling that only deepens after the plane lands. But not even Corey predicts what they—ll find when they enter the silent jet, weapons and fire axes at the ready: Every passenger aboard the flight is dead, and Khalil, a.k.a —the Lion,— has vanished. (The one lawman who runs into him will be sorry he did.) So Corey, teaming up with Kate Mayfield, his minder from the Bureau, sets out to track the Lion, figure out what he’s up to this time, and, with all the reckless panache of a homicide cop turned loose to play James Bond, save the free world from unspeakable perils. The biggest-scaled yet of DeMille’s bestselling crime thrillers. (Author tour)