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by Nelson George

Pub Date: Feb. 3rd, 2015
ISBN: 978-1-61775-341-1
Publisher: Akashic

Returned to Brooklyn after years in Manhattan, a bodyguard works overtime to protect his rapper charge while also doing his best to save his own skin.

Even though he’s back in Brooklyn full time, D Hunter isn't usually hanging out at the Brooklyn B-Girl Fight Club. D is stuck playing bodyguard for rapper Asya Roc, who wants to catch one last girl fight before he heads out on his European tour. At least, that’s what Asya hired D for. But things get serious when the night out turns into a gun deal, and it’s one that quickly goes wrong. D acts quickly, putting Asya in a car headed for JFK while trying to round up the other guys involved in the deal. It’s not clear what happens or who’s at fault when shots are fired, but that doesn’t stop the cops from dropping by the next day to see what D knows. When detectives Mayfield and Robinson start asking questions, D has enough experience to walk the tightrope between convenient lies and the truth. Luckily, there are distractions from his dilemma: a gig he’s offered to hunt down an elusive soul record and a mission to track down a new friend’s long-lost love. Splitting his efforts between the streets of Brooklyn and the London music tour, D works to unravel all three mysteries while struggling to adjust to Brooklyn’s ever changing street scene. 

Real relationships and real talk frame the mashup of mysteries in George’s street-framed series (The Plot Against Hip Hop, 2011, etc.), though the fast talk and multiple plots often prevent either the protagonist or the reader from fully understanding what’s going on.