THE RIVER JORDAN by Nelson Glueck


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Report repeated from p. 967, 1966 when scheduled for earlier publication, as follows: ""Those to whom The Source seemed a bit silly and contrived may listen more readily to this account of archaeological digs in the Holy Land, in the form of a noted Jewish archaeologist's reveries over antiquity. Using the Jordan as a stream of plot and the Bible as a raft, one moves from the headwaters of the Sacred River down to the salty Dead Sea, the companion of a believer whose knowledge of the tells, or archaeological sites, along the way helps to recreate the ancient civilizations, and who at the same time gives a picture of his faith in both God and science. From ruminations over the earliest evidences of life in this region, to the search for Jericho, and the times of Jesus, one is never really far from the surface of this intention. What the study-survey lacks in depth may be compensated for visually--there will be 64 pages of black and white photographs and 32 pages of color photographs, designating a popular market."" The photographic complement has been altered (no color) and the price lowered accordingly.

Pub Date: Oct. 31st, 1967
Publisher: McGraw-Hill