VICTORY VOLLEY by Nelson Hutto
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Hutto writes superior sport stories (Breakaway Back. etc.) which deal with lifemanship as much as gamesmanship and this one is about Doug Cameron, high school senior, who has hopes of a college scholarship riding on a state tournament match. When first seen on the court he loses a match against Maury Alford on a Close line call (which he is later to be lieve was a bad one, concealed by Alford). His resentment grows When in playing doubles with Alex Renner, who, like Alford, represents the wealthiest element in the town and school, Renner blows the match by grandstanding. However Doug is to learn that money distinctions are too easy and often wrong. Alford deliberately worsens a shoulder injury in a workout which puts him out of the state competition and gives Doug (and the school) the chance to go ahead. In exchange, Cameron helps him to effect a coalition within the school which eliminates the rich boy-poor boy cleavage. Half Sporting morale, half moral, there are some really exciting action sequences and a lot of know-how about the game, all solidly delivered.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1967
Publisher: Harper & Row